Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU)



The Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU) – managed by the Department of Analytics in the Digital Era (CBE) – provides statistical training and consultancy to the University’s research community. SCU services are provided to researchers, faculty, and graduate students at UAEU by the faculty of the Department of Analytics in the Digital Era through transparent procedures. The Unit’s activities form a valuable training opportunity for statistics students through Internship and paid employment.


Promote and support the use of sound quantitative methods in research and decision making, and provide valuable training opportunities for Statistics and Data Analytics major students.


  • Promote and support research through advising and training of faculty members at UAEU and the community with the use of sound statistical and quantitative methods in research and decision making.
  • Provide valuable training opportunities for students enrolled in Statistics and Data Analytics or related major.


Consultancy Services

  1. Study design
  2. Statistical analysis / data analytics
  3. Training workshops
  4. Assistance in writing grant proposals
  5. Research collaboration

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